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Resident Evil 3 PC Requirements1 min read

    Resident Evil 3 Steam

    Steam has finally confirmed the minimum requirement to run Resident Evil 3 on PC, and to everyone’s rejoice; it’s the same as RE2 PC released earlier this year.

    The specifications are as follows, according to the official Steam page:

    resident evil 3 remake pc requirements
    Resident Evil 3 requirements. Image: Steam

    This should not come as a shock to eagle-eyed RE fans, who have noted that the game appears to be on Capcom‘s proprietary game engine; the RE Engine, the same used in RE2. This does ask the question has the RE Engine had any major update from this year’s blockbuster release, RE2.

    RE3 Jill Surface Streets
    RE3 Announcement Trailer. Image: CAPCOM

    Rest assured, any information pertaining to RE3 remake will be reported on as the year comes to a close, as we move into 2020.

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    Resident Evil 3 will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 April 3, 2020.

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