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Resident Evil 3 Releasing in April is Guaranteed by Capcom1 min read

    Resident Evil 3

    The release date for a game isn’t always a guarantee. If you’re like me, you thought you’d be playing Doom Eternal already. Instead, we’re waiting until March 20th since the release got bumped back.

    With that in mind, April 3rd seemed only temporary, as the wait for RE3 began.

    Resident Evil 3 Art
    Resident Evil 3 Concept Art. Image: Capcom

    However, Capcom is going out of their way to make it very clear: that release date is set in stone.

    In an interview with Famitsu, producers Peter Fabiano and Masachika Kawata insist that Resident Evil 3 is “90% done”, and they expect nothing to stop them from making the release date.

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    These strong words of confidence, along with the piece in PlayStation Magazine UK, means that odds are good that, come April 3rd, we’ll all see ourselves in the shoes of Jill Valentine once again.

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