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    Resident Evil Trailer

    Somehow, I’m still alive.

    The revival of Resident Evil 3 is no doubt highly anticipated. The trailer, released during the State of Play, is already gathering hype for the remake.

    There’s a lot to be found in 3 minutes of trailer. Any number of details can be found in short segments of the video.

    With that in mind, I’ll be breaking down what I’ve noticed throughout the trailer.

    Now, fair warning, I never played the original 3. There might be things I’ll miss, little clues that hint at events in the original. That being said, I know some of the important bits, and can at least spot them when they arise.

    Where we’ve been thus far

    The trailer starts out with an interesting perspective, bringing to light the ridiculous scale of the outbreak. Raccoon City denizens struggle to survive and clamber for answers. One caller at a radio station asks the important question: “How could this happen?!”

    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots
    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots. Image: Capcom

    While this thread of struggle and fear plays, we’re given a rhythmic display of a digital clock. It passes hours upon hours, reminding us that the Raccoon City Incident lasted many days.

    While this audio runs and this display cuts in, we’re shown pieces of Resident Evil 2‘s events, coinciding with the times.

    This culminates in Leon entering the lab that contains the G-virus sample. As the door slides closed behind him, the clock shows one more time, before rewinding to two days prior.

    It’s time for a different tale of struggle in the dead city.

    It all began as an ordinary day in September…

    “September 28, 1998”

    The date is displayed, as we hear a woman struggling. We cut to a first-person perspective, as she runs through what seems to be an apartment complex. What she’s running from is unclear…

    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots.
    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots. Image: Capcom

    At least at first.

    As she runs down a fire escape and into a lower floor, the ceiling above her collapsed, a figure visible in the wreckage. A hulking monster, this pursuer follows her down a burning hallway, before she tumbles into the alleyway.

    Our perspective changes at this roll, and we see the unmistakable Jill Valentine. She’s brought up to speed by Brad, who also informs her that they’re being hunted by a monster whose only task is to hunt down S.T.A.R.S. members and wipe them out.

    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots
    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots. Image: Capcom

    We also see a bit of Nikolai, the secondary antagonist of the game. He’s far more rugged than his original appearance, but his Russian accent makes him unmistakable.

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    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots
    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots. Image: Capcom

    They don’t want the world to know what they’ve done!

    We see that Jill isn’t doing so well. She laments a headache. We also see that someone clearly knowns the true culprit of the incident and that they’re trying their damnedest to cover it up.

    Some shots of tension and action flash through, reminding us that this is the height of the outbreak. At the peak of it all, we see Jill, facing herself in the mirror.

    Her view distorts. She sees a nightmarish version of herself, rotting and grotesque. No doubt, this is a result of her being infected. This plot point is an integral one for 3, and it clearly isn’t being abandoned.

    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots
    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots. Image: Capcom

    The title card cuts in. But that’s not the end…

    Commitment, honesty, integrity.

    We hear a voice singing the praises of Umbrella Corp. Amidst this speech, we see sterile hallways in a facility somewhere.

    As the voice goes on about how great the pharmaceutical giant is, we see their true nature. A monster is forthcoming.

    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots
    Resident Evil 3 trailer screenshots. Image: Capcom

    It strains against its bindings. Its flesh is poked and prodded as it gets injection after injection. Amidst this torture, it opens its eye.

    This glimpse into what is almost certainly Nemesis’ creation forecasts an interesting perspective, one we may not have seen yet.

    Coming April 3rd, 2020

    While the trailer only gives us so much, these glimpses into the next installment easily excite.

    However, there are quite a few things absent from the trailer, most notably Brad’s known demise. Perhaps they hope to save that scene for a surprise.

    It’d be nice to get at least one more trailer before April rolls around, but for now, we have this, alongside the developer commentary, to hold us over.

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