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Resident Evil 4 Sountrack Comes to Vinyl

    Resident Evil 4 Laced Records

    We’ve basically been tracking the release of Resident Evil vinyls whenever we can. If you’re like me, you absolutely adore the technically-inferior format. There’s something about it that’s novel. Not to get too artsy, but the texture of the sound is worth the investment, for me.

    Regardless, if you like vinyl and you like Resident Evil, then you’ve seen our articles on the 3, 0, and CODE: Veronica vinyls coming out. Compiling the best pieces of each soundtrack, these releases have been coming out steadily by Laced Records.

    Like clockwork, Laced has announced that the next record up for pre-order is Resident Evil 4.

    This massive, 4-disc LP has each record coming in “muddy gold”. The sleeves feature art from the game, modified for the release by Boris Moncel. Boris has worked on several Resident Evil vinyl releases in the past. The sleeves always feature enemies from the title, and this time is no different.

    Featuring some of the most fearsome foes from Resident Evil 4, the sleeves have key art of the likes of Krauser, Chief Mendez, the Garrador, and the infamous Iron Maiden. The main sleeve features poster boy Dr. Salvador.

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    EV3 R4cWAAAnZee
    Image: Laced Records

    Resident Evil 4

    As you know, Resident Evil 4 is something of a watershed moment for the franchise. Originally released as a GameCube exclusive, it has gone on to be on every major console, from the PS2 to the Nintendo Switch. The consistent presence of the installment is something of a meme at this point.

    The soundtrack, on release, was pretty memorable. Much of the music involved was a departure for the series. Much of the ambient choices had gone from classic horror to abject, choral horror. This change likely came about due to the change in both setting and themes. A cult was involved, after all.

    To maintain the ultimate purity, Laced Records is actually going back to the original GCN release. This means that the songs will be in their absolute base forms. This is something Laced has been very thorough about.

    Laced Records

    Laced Records has made a name or themselves doing this exact thing: video game soundtrack curation. Aside from Resident Evil, they’ve done other video game franchises.

    Their catalog encompasses everything from major franchises like Tekken and Borderlands, to indie pieces like Absolver and Yooka-Laylee. Their work is immense, and they have contracts with a lot of the heavy hitters. They even made the soundtrack for Gears 5 into a vinyl.

    RE4LEX4LP Render1 1280x1280
    Image: Laced Records

    In the end, you can pre-order your copy of the Resident Evil 4 vinyl here, or pick up the others here.

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