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Resident Evil 8 Has Arrived2 min read

Resident Evil 8 Village

After months of speculation and rumor, Resident Evil 8 was officially announced today during Sony’s Playstation 5 live event.

Much of what we had heard from leaks seems to be spot on. In the trailer, we see a snowy European hamlet, nestled in the mountains. As it progresses, we see the protagonist being hunted by some sort of beast.

Throughout, we only really get a few glimpses of the who and why. However, it’s clear that something is going on in this seemingly peaceful, snowy village.

Screen Shot 2020 06 11 at 2.20.16 PM
Image: Sony

We eventually see that the beast chasing the hero is a werewolf-like creature. In the end, we see Chris himself, seemingly executing someone before the protagonist’s very eyes.

Screen Shot 2020 06 11 at 2.20.02 PM
Image: Sony
Screen Shot 2020 06 11 at 2.24.18 PM
Image: Sony
Screen Shot 2020 06 11 at 2.24.31 PM
Image: Sony

Almost everything we had heard was true.

Hopefully, the trailer will be on its own soon enough, and we can pick it apart.

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