Live: Resident Evil 8 Live Rumor Line

We all know Resident Evil 8 is happening and more than likely coming soon. Here we will provide live updates on all Resident Evil 8 rumors we receive to our tip line.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to note that all information provided is solely rumored until confirmed by Capcom and our publishing of them is not us calling any of the information factual.

We receive dozens of emails every day with supposed leaks and we do our best to vet information through our network to only bring the most “credible” or interesting to this thread, but again until Capcom puts out an official statement we can not confirm any of this information.

It should also go without saying that if any of the below information is true, these will be MASSIVE SPOILERS. Read at your own discretion.

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Jesse (@jessedoeshorror)
9 May, 2020
11:38 pm

Received on: May 6, 2020, 12:57 PM


Most of the leaked stuff is real and the game is indeed called Village and will take place in a snowy mountain region. There are parts, where the cold is actually an elemental hazard. Some of the information is coming from someone, who has played a mostly complete build of the game, other stuff from another person, who claims to have information about the development. I thought it might interest you and other people.

Here it is:

The game is in first-person, but this time there are cutscenes. So kind of a mix of RE7 and RE2/RE3 Remakes.


Unlike RE7, most of the game takes place outdoors.

Occultism will play a big part, but there is no magic. There is a cult that worships the abominations created from the new virus. At first, there are hints at something supernatural but it is explained by the virus, which is in the air, causing hallucinations from time to time.

The main enemies are zombies and pale human-like enemies, that resemble Ganados. Dogs, wolves, and enemies that resemble lickers do appear as well.


There are zombies with swords, knives, and clubs, but not many. They appear mainly in the later section of the game, where you enter a castle.

There are werewolf-like enemies, but they are a lot more disgusting than normal wolves. Some have rotten flesh, others have parasites coming out of parts of their body. Think enemies from the later more nightmarish half of Bloodborne, but even worse.

You play as Ethan, who wakes up in the village without memory of how he got there. Parts of the game are played as a mountain resident called Emily, a woman in her late 20s, who aids Ethan. She is looking for her father.

The beginning is really slow and mainly focuses on exploration with very few enemies. You can’t fight in the beginning either until you find a gun in one of the houses. Later on, more enemies appear and you have to fight more.

The main villain of the game is a man called Alan R, a mysterious count living in a castle. He is the leader or at least a high ranking member of the Connections. The secondary villain is Nathalia/Alex Wesker. She was originally the main villain when this game was still Revelations 3, but her role is rather small now. There are files hinting at Blue Umbrella being evil as well.

Emily's father was a scientist, who worked for the Connections and their leader Alan.

You can block again and Ethan can now use weak melee attacks to push enemies away from him. Those aren’t strong though. Emily can’t do that and is overall weaker than Ethan.

You have a flashlight and the game is often pretty dark, forcing you to use it. The flashlight can run out of batteries but slowly recharges by itself. Most of the time, you can survive without it, but there is a cave level where you need it.

Other returning characters besides Ethan are Mia, Chris Redfield, and Barry Burton (flashback only).

Barry is killed by Alex/Nathlia in a flashback. His role is minimal. It is hinted at, but not shown, that she murders the rest of the Burtons as well. Barry's death might not be shown either. This might get cut.

I have no knowledge of Claire being in the game in any form, but I think it is possible that she dies in the flashback as well, explaining why Chris is so different this time.

Chris is "Not a Hero", this time for real. He looks like a mix of RE7 and RE6 Chris. In a flashback, he breaks into Ethan's house. Apparently he is operating on his own and that is not part of an official operation.

Mia and Ethan have a child. Due to their infections during RE7, it is deformed and Chris somehow found out. They live a pretty lonely life in a remote place and try to hide their child.

There are a few parts played from Chris's view, but only a few. He has gone mad and thinks, Blue Umbrella is a danger. He also, for some reason thinks Ethan is involved and that the child is a danger (From what I understood he also thinks, that Ethan might have killed Barry. There is probably some conspiracy stuff going on). Chris goes rough in that game and when he breaks into Ethan's house, He kills their child and shoots Mia, who survives. During that, he knocks out Ethan.

When Ethan wakes up, Chris is gone. He did not leave Mia to die but bandaged her. There are some shadowy figures in the room. Ethan is abducted there and than wakes up in the village.

Ethan has to make his way through the mountains. There are forests, cave levels, and a Castle, where you encounter the villain.

There have been disappearances in this region and the twist is, that the village is entirely fake, only made up by bioengineered people, created by Alan. They are used for experiments. None of the families ever existed and Alan just replaced people with each other.

The witch stalker is a former friend of Alan, who was turned into a BOW. She does not stalk the player for the whole game, she is only in a few parts. She can unleash insects and is similar to Marguerite, but taller and you can’t really see her face.

At some time Chris also comes to the village (I think he is on a private Investigation, that somehow leads him there). You play a few parts as him and during that he saves Emily and comforts her, showing that he hasn’t become a completely terrible person.

At some point while playing as Ethan, Chris appears and he captures Ethan, believing that he is responsible. Chris is acting on his own. Ethan hates him due to what Chris has done. He escapes Chris and comes to the castle.

Ethan meets Alan for the first time and learns, that Mia never left her old life behind and was still working with the Connections. He frees her from the dungeon (that is the part where the armored zombies appear. They do not look like the ones in Re6 at all, but much scarier with rotten flesh and missing limbs).

Ethan and Mia confront Alan and kill him as he injects himself with a virus. He turns into a wolf-like creature with insect legs. Looks supposedly pretty disgusting.

Ethan is angry with Mia as they leave the castle. At some point during the castle section (there is also a lab before you reach the dungeon), Ethan learns about the true purpose of the village, Alan and the Connections. He also learns about a large BOW beneath the village. It is partly responsible for some of the hallucinations he had during the game (I think it has to do with something coming from its skin).

Both are attacked by Chris. He and Ethan fight. At this point, Chris still thinks Ethan is part of the Connections (I think this is set up at one point, not sure where. I think the flashbacks).

Chris wins but hesitates as he does not want to kill Ethan and wants to take him in. Mia attacks him from behind and wounds him. As Chris goes down, the player is given a choice. They can kill Chris or leave him alive. This is like choosing Mia or Zoe in Re7.

I’m 99% sure sparing Chris is the canon choice, especially since you learn that none of his action was as villainous as they seemed. The child he killed in the flashback wasn’t actually Ethan's child, but something that grew inside of Mia as part of the experiments Alan forced her to take part in. It was actually dangerous. Chris went kinda mad and was overly aggressive, but he only shot Mia because she attacked him and he also made sure she did not die from it.

The choice to kill him might get cut entirely.

If the player kills Chris, Ethan and Mia flee the castle and Alex releases the BOW or it awakes by itself (how big Alex's role will be is still not set. Currently, she is in the game as she was supposed to be the main villain in Revelations 3, but her role is small and she just talks with Alan once. He is the main villain, not her. She might get cut entirely).

 Ethan meets with Emily and together with her and Mia, they fight it. Despite the BOW being enormous (possibly one of the largest in the series, not as big as Uruboros or Simmons I think), the fight is horror focused and not laughable like Simmons for example. It takes place in a snowstorm. Both Mia and Emily die, Ethan kills the monster and is heavily wounded. The game ends with him being captured and taken away by Connections soldiers.

If the player spares Chris, he feels remorse for his actions and helps Mia and Ethan escape. Mia and Emily survive and Chris apparently dies fighting the final boss, sacrificing himself. Chris is really heroic in the end and he and Ethan work together well. Ethan feels sorry for his death. Chris's death isn’t confirmed. From what I know he is heavily wounded and lands the finishing blow on the monster. He is gone when Ethan flees with the two women.

In the end, Ethan, Mia, and Emily are picked up by a figure (still unfinished in the build, that was played), who saves them. They are still undecided on who that is, but will probably go for either Jill or Leon (possible DLC like Chris in Re7).

Also, I think it is very likely, that Chris might not really die against the final boss. He might just be wounded really bad and you either play as him in the DLCs or you save him as another character.

Make with that what you want.

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Jesse (@jessedoeshorror)
9 May, 2020
11:38 pm

Received on: Apr 7, 2020, 6:20 AM

Hello, I have a little information about RE 2021 (aka RE8 / RE Village) 

I read about the information published today on the website and realized that it is very similar to the information I received in January this year from an anonymous source. However, there are details that are missing so I would like to compliment. 
- RE2021 will be a numbered game and has the working title RE Village but there is no concrete confirmation that the final game will have that title.
- The player will suffer hallucinations and will have a sanity bar that would directly affect the gameplay, each time the bar lowers its level the game would become more challenging and if it reaches zero it will be game over. 
- The scenario would be the most interactive of the entire series, the interactions with the scenario would be one of the primary factors that would positively or negatively influence its sanity bar. 
- The plot is mysterious and apparently does not facilitate giving a lot of information to the player. I suppose that at the end of the game everything will be clear. 
- The game has a lot of backtracking and optional hidden places, it really is a challenge to find certain hidden places. 
Disclaimer: All of these mechanics are constantly being worked on and tested, they are certainly in the game but may change. This is a screenshot of an early alpha version of the game, there is really nothing revealing but I believe it is still interesting.
Resident Evil 8 Alpha
Note from BHD: This is one we are most skeptical of, especially the alleged screenshot and the insanity meter, however we did find it interesting.
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Jesse (@jessedoeshorror)
9 May, 2020
10:08 pm

Received on: Apr 7, 2020, 12:21 AM
via Anonymous email 

Hi There,

I have a bit more information for you guys regarding the upcoming title of Resident Evil 2021,

For starters the title, the clever naming for it.

Resident Evil - Village.

The font of this will reflect Village with the roman numerals to VIII for 8.

As I previously mentioned "The Witch"

She will act similar to Marguerite from 7 being able to control insects, the dissipation mechanic will see her turn into a cloud of them.

Chris is confirmed to return, he will also appear in some flashbacks surrounding Ethan, Mia, and a Baby.

in which he attempts to break into their home and shoot one of the three.

His character model will appear different from 7, Looking somewhere in between the renowned burly Chris from 5 and his latest model.

Numerous demos have been tested in order to flesh out what Capcom wants to go with in terms of mechanics.

We will see an experimental UI system something between what 4 had mixed with 7. this will produce more of a complex inventory system whereas the player will have to place objects correctly to fit.

We will also be seeing something along the lines of 3.5 where supernatural hallucinations will be tormenting the player, making the difference between reality and them discernible.

This is all the info I have for the meantime,

For the most part, I hope you find it interesting.

Take care!

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Jesse (@jessedoeshorror)
9 May, 2020
10:07 pm

Received on: Jan 27, 12:10 AM
via Anonymous email 

Hi There,

I have some information on the next iteration in the Resident Evil Series,
First and foremost the rumour that has been floating around that Resident Evil 8 is back to the drawing board is incorrect.

The details that I have gained from an undisclosed source has this to offer.

Resident Evil 8 will be branded as something "Clever"
We will be seeing Ethan return as a playable character.

Still maintaining the first-person approach, we will see ourselves starting out in a village and gradually making our way into a castle-like environment. it will be snowy, rural, and mountainous; Possibly a European setting.

Regular Zombies will be appearing and we will not be seeing the Molded creatures from Resident Evil 7.
We will have a persistent shadowy female like enemy, chasing us at most parts of the game but will dissipate if shot at, there will also be wolf-like creatures that will ambush the player in certain instances.

Chris Redfield will be returning as well in some capacity, I cannot say how much.

I hope you find this information useful and hopefully, I can provide much more information in the future.


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