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Resident Evil Ambassador Email Reveals New Test Dates

Resident Evil Ambassador
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It’s probably by sheer coincidence, but last night Resident Evil Ambassadors received an email asking for signups for upcoming playtests. Making Capcom good on their December email saying more tests would be coming soon for members of the program.

Around 11 PM PST an email went out from the program announcing new rounds of playtesting would be starting late next month going into March.

The testing locations that have been announced are New York, Los Angeles, Toyko, and Frankfurt, Germany. This means Capcom will be having European testers instead of Japanese and American ones like the last playtest in September.


Testing Schedule:

  • Tokyo: Saturday, Feb. 29 and Sunday, Mar. 1
  • Los Angeles: Sunday, Mar. 8 and Monday, Mar. 9
  • New York: Thursday, Mar. 12 and Friday, Mar. 13
  • Frankfurt: Friday, Mar. 20 and Saturday, Mar. 21

No actually times during these days have been announced, but presumably, they’ll be roughly around the same time as the September tests and a follow-up email will be sent in the coming weeks if Capcom follows their previous formula.

Participation in the testing is free, but testers will be responsible for their travel costs to the testing site. The only stipulations to be eligible is to be over 18 and be a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador Program.

The application period starts today ( Wednesday, January 29th) and runs until Wednesday, February 5th. Soon get your application in now! It only takes around a minute to complete.


Note: Not all who apply will be selected.

Now the big question is: what will Resident Evil Ambassadors be testing? The timeframe seems a little late for RE3 testing since the last round is roughly a week before its launch, so we can safely assume it’s on the unannounced title Capcom spoke about in their December email. Could this unannounced title be Resident Evil 8 or something different like the rumor from Dusk Golem that another Resident Evil title will be shown off before 8?

Hopefully, we’ll know after next month what all Capcom has up their sleeves for Resident Evil fans!


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