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Resident Evil Ambassadors Get An Email Asking For RE 3 Feedback2 min read

    Resident Evil Ambassador

    Ambassadors are being contacted to get their feedback on the reveal of Resident Evil 3.

    We’ve talked about the Ambassador program quite a bit here. The Resident Evil Resistance beta was run through the program, back when it was still called Project Rsistance.

    Using Twitter as a medium, Capcom is looking to accumulate some of the most pressing questions that the community has about R3make. They’re then going to address the most common of those.

    The program goes as thus: Ambassadors will follow a link that they’ve received through email. At that link, they’ll go through a survey, asking what the most pressing topics are to them.

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    On December 18th, Capcom will be addressing the biggest topics via TV broadcast. Tsuyoshi Otani, who is head of the program will also be sending out a follow-up email after to address comments that didn’t make it on the broadcast.

    This campaign is going to run from December 11th to December 15th. Ambassadors should definitely hop on this opportunity so that we can get as much information on the R3make as possible.

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