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1996’s Resident Evil “Inezh” Has Finally Been Found!3 min read

    Resident Evil Inezh

    Because of the nature of acting in video games in the 1990s, many actors at the time were on gig work from various agencies, hence why it has become so hard to source the actors today. As the actors over the years have been tracked down one by one, there has always been the one that got away.

    However, after nearly 24 years of rumours, dead silence and mystery, Jill Valentine’s actress from the live-action sequences in 1996’s Resident Evil has finally been located.

    Resident Evil Inezh
    Image: Capcom

    How did this Resident Evil Mystery finally come about?

    As detailed on the RaccoonStars Blogger:

    According to Shinji Mikami during his interview from the VHS tape Birth of Bio Hazard, Inezh was a high school girl so she would be 40+ today. Some unreliable sources credit her as Una Kavanagh, which is wrong.

    RaccoonStars Blogger
    Resident Evil Inezh
    Image: RaccoonStars Blogger

    Aside from a few commercials and magazine excerpts, very little was known about ‘Inezh’, leading to the internet drumming up various theories and eventual dead ends for many years. That was the case until today.

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    As revealed on twitter, dr_raichi posted a tweet as follows:

    It appears that Twitter user Talonide was responsible for location Inezh, and a full interview with her, Resident Evil Database, and predatorfanboy (the person who found “Linda” Rebecca Chamber’s Resident Evil live-action actress) and further details available on the following website in due course.:

    Resident Evil Inezh
    Image: Capcom

    As this news is currently breaking, please ensure to follow Biohazard Declassified as we keep our ear to the ground on future updates.

    UPDATE 28 July 2020 (1:46PM PST): Talonide reached out to us on Twitter to inform us that he forwarded modeling pictures to the team at Raccoon S.T.A.R.S. and their investigative work is what lead to this conclusion. In their words, the Raccoon S.T. A. R. S. team “deserve the credit if she really has been found”.

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