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Resident Evil Netflix Series Begins Filming This Year [Rumor]1 min read

Resident Evil Netflix

I know when to admit I was wrong. Early last year, I went on record as saying that the Resident Evil Netflix rumors were nonsense.

In my defense, the source was notoriously shoddy, and we had so little information that anyone could have fired up the mill on it and just watch it go.

Regardless, I might have to eat my words. Our friends over at RelyOnHorror sniffed out a strong lead saying that the Resident Evil Netflix project begins filming in June.


Their source is Redanian Intelligence, which is, funnily enough, a Witcher series outlet. They reportedly found a production list of some kind that cited that filming will begin in South Africa later this year.

The list says the series will be 8 episodes long, each spanning an hour. This is pretty typical of a Netflix series.

There’s also a rumor swirling around that the plot would have something to do with two daughters of Albert Wesker. That part, I’ll come out and say, seems unlikely.

resident evil netflix
Resident Evil 3 Netflix plot. Image: WEGOTTHISCOVERED

The premise involves a post-apocalyptic setting and feels like something straight out of fanfic written by a fan of the movies. While I’ve clearly been wrong before, I wouldn’t put much stock in this one.

Regardless, the filming is set to begin in June, so we’ll likely see production material by the end of the year. Let’s cross our fingers that it’ll be good.

Source: Rely on Horror

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