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Resident Evil Resistance Brings a New Sandwich to the Franchise2 min read

    Resident Evil Resistance Martin

    Last week during PlayStation’s final State of Play for 2019 Capcom announced Resident Evil Resistance alongside Resident Evil 3. The asymmetrical 4v1 game was originally shown at the Tokyo Game Show after an online preview trailer. During a panel, then “Project Resistance” producer Masachika Kawata had stated that it would include a single-player campaign, which lead myself and others to speculate that it would be Resident Evil 3.

    Resident Evil Resistance puts four survivors up against a single Mastermind as they attempt to an Umbrella facility. The original demos of the game at NYCC and the online betas featured four playable characters, Samuel Jordan, Valerin Harmon, January Van Sant, and Tyrone Henry.

    However, Capcom has introduced new of previously unannounced characters you’ll be able to play while attempting to survive the horrors. Becca Woolett and the interestingly named, Martin Sandwich.

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    Martin Sandwich is a 19-year-old engineer and mechanic who’s ability is creating traps to slow down and stun enemies. Is his name a coincidence? That’s not what it seems like to us. Given the running joke that stems from the dialogue from Jill and Barry where he classically references to her almost becoming a “Jill Sandwich”, maybe this is a nice little Easter egg to call back to the original titles.

    Finally, RE Resistance and 3 will be packaged together and are available for pre-order now.

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