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Resident Evil Resistance Reveals Loot Box System

To many people, microtransactions are the absolute bane of the gaming world. Many believe content should be available on purchase, or at the very least unlockable through actions.

It seems that Resident Evil‘s next foray into multiplayer will show the signs of modern gaming by having its own loot box system.

Gameplay was recently shown of Resident Evil Resistance, the asymmetrical multiplayer that’s in addition to the release of Resident Evil 3. Amongst this footage was the opening of a loot box.

Resident Evil Resistance
Loot Box. Image: Capcom

Now, before we get too upset, there is hope for Resident Evil Resistance. From what the translations seem to show, the loot boxes can be earned through gameplay and can be purchased with the currency that is ALSO earned through gameplay.

The loot boxes mostly seem to contain cosmetics and a few things that might improve your characters. However, this may be inaccurate, or, worst case, this may be one of the multiple ways to get said improvements.

Until we get an official translation, we only have rogue translators to go off of. Likely, we’ll see something more concrete within the next few days.

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