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Capcom Announces that Resident Evil Village May Release on Current Gen Systems2 min read

    Resident Evil Village

    The next console generation looms over us and gets closer by the day. While both companies have had ups and downs in their marketing of said consoles, one thing that also hangs in the balance is where new games fall on the generational line.

    Resident Evil Village, until this point, seemed to be exclusively next-gen. Capcom, however, has announced that might not be the case.

    Resident Evil Village Tokyo Game Show
    Image: Capcom

    Resident Evil Village on current-gen hardware?

    As part of the TGS festivities, Capcom revealed that Resident Evil Village could possibly be seeing a PS4 and Xbox One release as well as the PS5 and Xbox Series. This comes as a small surprise, given how heavily they’ve stressed that the game will take a toll on the hardware.

    Resident Evil Village Tokyo Game Show
    Image: Capcom

    That being said, this would be good news for anyone who wouldn’t be able to upgrade right away. Every generational leap exacts a heavy price, and this time is no exception. Both new consoles, if you’re looking for physical discs, will run you $500 USD.

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    What tradeoffs will be made to bring the next Resident Evil mainline installment to the dying generation remains to be seen. Perhaps we’ll hear more as the release date approaches.


    Resident Evil Village is set to release in 2021 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5, PC, and possibly Xbox One and PS4.

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