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Resident Evil Village Tops Google Searches after PS5 Reveal

    Resident Evil 8 Village

    While we had our suspicions, it was still surprising to see Resident Evil Village get revealed at the PlayStation 5 event. It’s gothic horror aesthetic and seemingly bold direction have caused a stir in the community, and apparently, the numbers show it.

    Resident Evil 8 Village
    Image: Capcom

    Senior analyst of Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, shared a graph from iprice that shown Resident Evil Village as the most searched third-party game to come from the reveal.

    The reveal came as one of the last announcements of the event followed by a Special Developer Message as Capcom has been doing after a Resident Evil reveal for the past few releases.

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    This comes after a few months of steady leaks about the game, detailing much of what was revealed in the trailer. Speculation on where it will all lead has reached a fever pitch, especially surrounding the apparent heel turn of one Chris Redfield.

    Until August, we’re likely to be stuck with simple theorizing. However, should any new information shake out in the coming months, we’ll be sure to report on it.

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