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Sasha Zotova Confirms Herself as Jill’s Face Model

Resident Evil 3 Jill Model
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Not long ago, we dug up a pretty strong lead that suggested that a model on Instagram, Sasha Zotova (@shuzolotova), was the new face of the legendary Jill Valentine for the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Jill Valentine Sasha. Resident Evil 3
Jill Valentine, Resident Evil 3. Image: Capcom

Well, it turns our lead was spot on.

On Friday, the 20th, Sasha herself posted on Instagram confirming that she is indeed lending her likeness to the series darling Jill.


While Capcom themselves haven’t officially said anything, it’s unlikely that she would announce it herself unprompted. Since her announcement post, she’s posted twice, both posts about Jill.

The good news from that is that it’s always good to have a proactive, friendly face for a character. Similar to Jordan McEwan when she revealed that she was the face of Claire Redfield.

Perhaps we’ll hear from Carlos or Brad (or Nikolai) sometime soon too.


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