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State of Play Airs Next Week2 min read

State of Play

Nintendo fans are well acquainted with the Nintendo Direct system. These live streams are used by Nintendo to reveal new games and content, most notably Smash characters.

Throughout this year, PlayStation has had an equivalent system; the State of Play broadcasts. These have shown off content such as Iron Man VR, Medievil, and The Last of Us II.

Well, the last State of Play of the year is coming up on December 10th. While we obviously have no clue what’s going to be revealed there, we have a pretty good guess for at least one thing.


With the recent alleged datamining of the PSN store giving us what is very likely the strongest leak ever seen in Resident Evil history, it wouldn’t be strange to see a possible case of interesting timing.

State of Play possibles
Resident Evil 3 art. Image:

With alleged store data for Resident Evil 3 and Project REsistance popping up on PSN, only a week before State of Play. That’s certainly enough to raise an eyebrow.

State of Play possibles
Resident Evil Resistance. Image:

With no guarantees, we’ll have to wait until the 10th to truly know the score. However, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll at least see a teaser to confirm our suspicions.

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