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Summerford: Torchbearer of the Silent Hill Legacy


    I ‘ve gone on record plenty of times as a turbofan of the Silent Hill franchise. Resident Evil‘s main competitor, this series always took a much more abstract approach to horror, placing you in the unknown and pitting you against the scariest enemy of all: yourself.

    Unfortunately, Konami has seemingly thrown this IP to the dogs (at least, unless that Kojima rumor can be trusted). Worry not, though, because Noisy Valley Studios is here to fill that void with Summerford.

    Summerford brings the creepy atmosphere

    Set in an abandoned English village that hosts a melted-down nuclear plant, this indie survival horror project looks to revive the feelings of the original Silent Hill.

    Image: Noisy Valley Studios

    The gameplay will be in third person, with combat, puzzles, and all the tension of the old school horror franchises.

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    While we might see something before then, Noisy Valley has the release date listed as Q4 of this year. You can go check it out over on Steam or on their beautiful website visitsummerford.com.

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