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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Battlefront

It’s May 4th, Star Wars Day! If you’re like me, this is always a fun day to consume some of your favorite sci-fi space opera action. Myself, I’ll likely watch one of the prequel movies today, because I unabashedly love all of the movies, new or old.

That probably seems pretty on-brand for me by now, huh? I’m our shining beacon of positivity and unpopular opinions here at BHD.

Regardless, though, it probably seems strange that I’d be bringing up Star Wars on a strictly Resident Evil website. Believe it or not, though, there was actually one time in history where these two franchises met in a very strange place.


Operation Raccoon City and Battlefront 3

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City isn’t exactly adored by fans. It’s certainly a bizarre addition to the franchise, but it gave us an interesting “what-if” scenario of the most famous zombie outbreak ever.

Seeing it all from the eyes of the bad guys is always fun.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
Image: Capcom

That being said, buried somewhere deep within the code of ORC, there’s a mysterious glimmer of the Force…


The story is thus: at its release, Slant 6 Games, the developers of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, was the center of quite a few rumors about a galaxy far, far away. In fact, they were quite possibly going to revive one of the most beloved Star Wars properties this side of Tatooine: Battlefront.

Lauded unanimously as one of the strongest Star Wars experiences ever, the Battlefront series brought the War half to life, putting you into the boots of soldiers in the galactic warzone. This visceral, almost intimate look at the franchise still lives on to this day, both in old servers kept alive by fans and in official rebirths by EA.

Back in 2012, though, only the old servers were around. Some were fine living the old glory endlessly, but many wanted fresh blood to be pumped into the IP. Sadly, that wasn’t likely, as Pandemic Studios, the original creators, had closed their doors long ago.


However, a bit before ORC had been released, there were murmurs. Murmurs that Slant 6, Canadian indie devs were known for the SOCOM series at the time, were being looked at to revive the old war machine and bring the galaxy back to the battlefront.

These rumors were pretty strong at the time. Many were almost positive that it was the case. In the end, however, Slant 6 never released a Star Wars game, and they sadly shuttered in 2013.

However, before then, the now defunct website betagames.org discovered that the rumors weren’t just dead air, and they discovered so in an unlikely place: our favorite mountain town, Raccoon City.

Buried deep in the files of Operation Raccoon City, there existed a strange collection of images. These images seemed to be high-res loading screens, with game modes like tug of war described next to the planet Hoth.

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Image: betagames.org

There even existed a grotesque, 2D face map of the original hero himself, Luke Skywalker.

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Image: betagames.org

Why Slant 6 decided to leave these files hidden, dormant in a completely unrelated game is unknown. Perhaps they were sad that what was undeniably a highly anticipated project was snuffed out so young, and simply wanted to memorialize it in a shipped game.

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Image: betagames.org

Whatever the reasoning, this act eternally entwined the two disparate sci-fi IPs in an unexpected way. Two legacies, two giants in their fields, tied together with only a few images.

May the Force be with you

Trivia like this is so interesting. It’s so funny seeing how two completely unrelated things like Resident Evil and Star Wars meet in the middle in unexpected ways.

For today, let’s just appreciate this fun little tie-in in our own ways. Me, I’ll just be watching one of the most hated movies ever.

Happy Star Wars Day from BHD to you!

May the Force be with you… Always.

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