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RE2 Remake Up For Game of the Year at The Gaming Awards

Resident Evil 2 The Game Awards
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Game of the Year Nominee
Resident Evil 2 GotY Nominee

Fresh off of its victory lap for winning Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards, Resident Evil 2‘s remake is now looking to take home a second gold, as it goes for GotY at The Game Awards.

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The Game Awards is pretty much as close as video games get to the Oscars, something of a central, prestigious honor. While there are plentiful categories, none are as coveted as the Game of the Year.

The TGAs have a public voting system, meaning that its public favor that wins the day. This is how upsets happen, like Overwatch beating out Doom in 2016 (yes, I’m still bitter).


Don’t forget to also vote for Resident Evil 2 in the Best Game Direction, Best Audio Design, and Best Action/ Adventure Game categories!

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That being said, I think we’d all love to see our faves win the big prize, whether that be Resi 2 for you, or some other title. Make sure to go make your voice heard!

Show those developers what they deserve: love and respect! Don’t forget to watch live on Thursday, December 12th, 2019! It will be broadcast from the Mircosoft Theather in Los Angeles, California. Save the date here.


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