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    From Tyrants to Hunter, you have so many killing machines in Resident Evil ready to hunt you down and take you out. But for every one of those you have something else that really just doesn’t do anything to harm you. This is my list of the top 5 most useless enemies in Resident Evil.

    5. Crows

    Resident Evil Crows
    Image: Capcom

    Crows are everywhere. They eerily peer at you from just out of reach ledges or are to busy to notice you while feasting on a fresh corpse. Unfortunately, they do nothing to hinder your adventure. All they take is a quick flashbang or running through a door and they fade away into nothing.

    4. Wasps

    Resident Evil Wasps
    Image: Capcom

    In Resident Evil 1 you get to face off against the massive enemy Plant 42. Leading up to the fight you see bodies with swollen eyes, stung to death, frozen in pain on the ground. This might lead to the belief that the buzzing you hear is going to make for a rough time. However, these wasps are basically just your normal wasps that are even more bored with life. They buzz around and barely do anything, and when they do get on you, you can just pick them off and stomp them out.

    3. Leeches

    Resident Evil Leeches
    Image: Capcom

    Resident Evil 0 had a nasty little enemy unique to its setting. Leeches were everywhere, lying in disgusting masses all over the train in the early parts of the game, just waiting to get a bite of you. When they aren’t massed together forming a Decoy Marcus, they do little to nothing to stop you. They move around leaving slime behind them and the occasionally try to get on you. When they do, you just slap them off. No big deal at all.

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    2. Snakes

    Resident Evil Snakes
    Image: Resident Evil Wiki

    First, I am not talking about Yawn. Yawn is awesome, even being able to kill Richard in one bite. What I’m actually talking about are the little garden snakes that you find outside that just wiggle around and follow you. In RE1 they can poison but that’s about it. In later games, they can get a cheap hit on you by popping out of a box but after that one swing of the knife can net you a grenade or an egg. So, all in all, they are really just another enemy to get some sweet eggs from in RE4.

    1. Zombies

    Resident Evil Zombies
    Image: Capcom

    Okay, hear me out! Zombies are a staple in RE and are pretty much necessary for the early games to work. However, they just shamble around and do nothing. They are easily avoidable and I rarely kill them in the early games. in cut scenes you see them massacre police and survive grenades and sub-machine guns no problem. When actually fighting them, a couple of handgun rounds takes them out no problem. They are really just a stepping stone to you fighting the Lickers and Hunters of the late game.

    So that was my Top 5 Useless Enemies in Resident Evil. Was there any I missed?

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